We have all the equipment needed to give you the best quality and cut for your printing job.  Our equipment is perfectly suited for any printing needs, including banners, fliers, posters, menus, business cards or custom orders.  We do it all and we do it best!



Graphic Designs

Our team consists of six talented and creative designers.  Each designer has their own unique vision, style and imagination to apply towards the final product.  As a result of our work, our clients have experienced above par brand recognition and developed resilient customer loyalty.  Put your trust in us. 

Logo Designs

Our designers use images and text to express the client’s ideas and vision.  Images are incredibly powerful and compelling tools of communication with the ability to convey not only information, but moods and emotions.  People instinctively respond to images based on their personalities, associations, and past experiences.


Designers blend images and typography to communicate a client's message.  A bond is formed between the client and the audience.  They explore a world of creative possibilities presented by words and images.  It is up to our designer not only to find or create appropriate letter forms and images, but also to establish the best balance between them.



How do consumers find a good restaurant near them?  The internet is a popular tool as a result of its accessibility and convenience.  Therefore, having your own website is very important in establishing a presence for consumers.  A website in conjunction with mobile phone APP functions will provide consumers with an option to browse your menu and dining environment from any location.  Moreover, online direct ordering is available if the consumer chooses to dine at a different location from the restaurant.

Our exclusive high definition video website provides a 360-degree wide-angle view of the restaurant. Popular social media services such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp are integral to fostering publicity for your company.  The most popular mobile APP professional design is within your grasp.  You can access your website at anytime, anywhere to receive any order notifications.  Professional internet web pages and mobile phones APP advertising design are essential and effective in improving your return on investment.

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E-Commerce empowers restaurants and caterers to provide their own branded online and mobile food ordering systems. Our cutting-edge technology allows restaurant operators to seamlessly add e-commerce to their businesses, so that customers can order online for pickup and delivery, driving sales beyond the four walls of their stores.



Direct Marketing/ E-Blast

Direct marketing is a channel-agnostic form of advertising that allows businesses and nonprofits to communicate directly with the customer.  Advertising techniques such as mobile messaging, email, interactive consumer websites, online display ads, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters, and outdoor advertising are all part of these channels of distribution.

E-mail marketing (E-Blast) is the electronic edition of the mail.  A dedicated collection containing your customers’ e-mail addresses for your business and a method of e-mail marketing for your customer base is important in developing relationships with your consumers.  The purpose is to provide daily, weekly or monthly communication.  This is the most cost-effective marketing tool that allows you to have complete flexibility in communication and aging within 48 hours to appear about 5% - 15% rate of return.


We have one of the best photographers in Flushing, Queens.  His services are an essential element if your business needs professional photography for developing websites, menus, banners, etc.  Take a look at the sample pictures click more.

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